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"Reborn to Bite (Vampire Shadows book 1)"
(Modern Urban Fantasy.  Complete at 97k words.)

The vampires took Sabine's life for a grand experiment. They turned her into a vampire against her will. When they forced her newest friends to cast a resurrection spell to bring her back, her soul was locked into a vampire body, recreating a monster of legend.

The vampires thought killing Sabine after that would be as easy as putting a stake in her chest and burying her.

They were wrong.

Sabine will have to protect her friends while seeking revenge, and prove to everyone, including herself, that she is more than just Reborn to Bite.

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"Reluctant to Bite (Vampire Shadows book 2)"
(Paranormal Fantasy, under construction: 38k words so far)

Sabine must convince Kelly Jacobs to embrace her new nature, avoid a war with the other vampires in San Francisco, and help stop a rampaging werewolf.  If that's not enough, there's also someone kidnapping vampires. Could it be the necromancer she set free?

"Forced to Bite (Vampire Shadows book 3)"
(Paranormal Fantasy, 100k words, needs rewrite)

Sabine has to avoid getting "outed" to the media as a vampire while locked in a game of cat and mouse with a new nemesis. When her friend Doug disappears, she will have to race against time to save him and his little daughter while facing the judgement of the ruling vampire Council.

"The Half Elf Prophesy"
(Epic Fantasy.  Complete at 100k words.) (Read the first 5 pages here)
Log line: A fifteen-year-old half-elf girl discovers that she may be at the center of a prophesy that dooms the Elven race, as she sets out on a dangerous journey to find her parents in an ancient land on the verge of war.

Brief Synopsis:
Fifteen year-old half-Elf Daphne needs the prize in a local tournament, a suit of armor, to protect her on the journey through the wildlands of her kingdom to find her parents. She burns with a need to find her mysterious Elven mother and the Knight she believes might be her father. She finds that she may be the harbinger prophesied to doom the Elves, and faces a desperate fight to prove her innocence and save the world.

"Fae In The City"
(YA Modern Urban Fantasy, blogging while writing) - link
Brief Synopsis:
Diana Morgan discovers her true identity as a changeling, and her life is thrown into chaos. If she was switched at birth, what happened to the girl she was switched for? As she discovers her powers, will she be able to control them? With tenacity, perseverance, and the help of her friends, anything is possible...

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