Sunday, March 5, 2017

There should be a word for between-goal feelings

The Inuit people have fifty words for snow. It's a big deal to them, obviously. Over the course of my lifetime, I have seen a trend towards more discussion and importance tied to emotions and emotional states. People have spent a lot of time classifying fears into phobias. Granted, fear being the strongest emotion, it probably makes sense to go there first, but what time have we spent on naming the other feelings?

Today I want to focus on that feeling you get AFTER you achieve a goal and BEFORE you decide your next. For me, it's a combination of contentment and pride, but also restlessness and malaise. Having hit two goals in one week, I'm stuck in that in-between-place now. So what is this I'm feeling? Is there a name for it?

I checked Google, and it pointed me to a promising page on, which lists names for feelings by category. It's interesting to note that we have more names for negative feelings than positive ones. has a list devoted to feelings, but they're in alphabetical order, not categorized.

So where's the "sniglet" for "motivated and inspired but currently seeking new goal"? I guess until I find the word, I'll just focus on short-term goals.

Today's short term goals: Catch up on mid-progress edit notes done by my wife/editor, review the last three chapters again, get back on my diet track after a "cheat day," and watch "Logan."